NewCal Casuarina Cones (20 pack)

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Alder cones are widely familiar among aquarists today, but have you heard about the benefits of Casuarina cones?
Casuarina cones come from an Australian native pine tree species in the Casuarinacaea family. The native range extends from Thailand, New Caledonia, and South to Australia.
These cones are less known in the hobby and although they many seem small, roughly ½ to ¾,’’ these nuts pack a punch! Casuarina cones prove to be excellent in influencing the natural tint of the water without drastically lowering pH levels.
Shrimp enthusiasts are sure to love these cones! The physical characteristics of casuarina cones attract biofilm, providing an interesting “foraging” surface.
Preperation and Use:
We recommend adding 5 cones per every 10 gallons. These cones will change the tint of your water, adding less over a longer period will allow you to better gauge your intended effect.
Adding the cones to boiling water prior to introducing them into your aquarium will remove any excess natural debris.

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