Ista CO2 Disposable Supply Set - Basic

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 Disposable Supply Set - The Basic set can help beginner aquarists achieve optimal plant growth and health. It includes an easy to set up and control CO2 diffuser, timer, and regulator. This low-cost setup provides accurate and reliable CO2 distribution and can be used to fertilize small planted aquariums with consistent results.

Provide your planted freshwater aquarium with the tools it requires in order to be a thriving, healthy environment. The Basic CO2 Disposable Supply Set by Ista is the ideal system to implement to effectively supplement your lush, aquatic haven with the carbon dioxide it craves. Install this super convenient, and easy to assemble kit and watch your plants flourish!

Treat any planted aquarium up to 40 gallons with this complete set. It contains everything you need to run a successful CO2 system, including a disposable 95 gram CO2 cartridge, a supporting base, air line, and an air line holder. It also contains a Mini UFO CO2 diffuser to optimize supplementation, a CO2 pressure regulator to prevent back pressure, and a 2-in-1 CO2 bubble counter and check valve to ensure accurate control!

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