Pacman Frog (Pikachu)

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Ceratophrys cranwelli is a rotund species of South American horned frog. These ambush predators live fairly sedentary lifestyles, preferring to burrow into the substrate and wait for food to come to them. While they are a larger frog, sometimes getting larger than a softball, their low activity level means you do not need a large enclosure for them; 10-20 gallons, depending on age and sex, should suffice. Lots of substrate and a water bowl they can submerge themselves in are appreciated. Their ease of care and a large number of available morphs make these frogs popular with beginner and experienced hobbyists alike.

The Pikachu or Albino 4-Spot Patternless morph is an albino morph with reduced patterning. Some may still have a decent amount of dark pattern, while in other it is reduced to 4, or even fewer, spots.

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