Dwarf Chain Loach

Size: Small (~1")
Sale price$9.99


Ambastaia sidthimunki, formerly a member of the genus Yasuhikotakia. Chain loaches are lovely small botiid loaches only reach about 2.25" in length. Like most loaches, they should be kept in groups; with dwarf loaches such as chain loaches, this is even more important. Lone loaches are often shy or reluctant to come out and feed, and can also become aggressive. We recommend at least a trio, with 5-6+ being better. Chain loaches can have a bit of a boisterous attitude, so shy/delicate fish, as well as dwarf shrimp, are best avoided.

We currently have babies (Listed under "Small") that are just shy of an inch long, and subadults around 1.5-1.75" long (Listed under "Large").

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