Eheim mini Flat Filter

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miniFLAT Shallow Water Internal Filter

The Eheim miniFLAT is an ultra-compact shallow water filter designed primarily for use in terrariums and paludariums (e.g. semi-aquatic reptile habitats for frogs, turtles, etc.). Ready to perform right out of the box, the miniFLAT installs easily with the included suction cups and lies horizontally along the bottom of your tank. Powered by an 80 gph pump with adjustable flow control, it draws in water from its down-facing intake and passes it through a coarse filter cartridge for effective mechanical filtration. Filtered water is then returned to the tank via a top-mounted outlet (an outflow hose can be attached if you wish to adjust the flow direction). Great for both freshwater and saltwater applications, the energy-efficient miniFlat maintains crystal clear water, while operating at a mere 5 W. For quality assurance and peace of mind, the Eheim miniFlat Shallow Water Internal Filter is backed by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. 5" x 1.3" x 2.25"