Exo Terra Thermostat/Humidistat with Day/Night Function - 600 W/100 watt

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With the Exo Terra Thermostat & Hygrostat with Day/Night timer you can create a well-controlled heating/ humidifying system that allows you to maintain the required temperature and humidity conditions similar to those found in desert and tropical environments.

The day- and night temperature and humidity can be set individually. For instance; the temperature can be set lower for the night, while the humidity can be set higher, just as it would occur in nature.

The Thermostat & Hygrostat will also help to prevent overheating and undercooling during hot summer days or cold winter nights, while keeping the humidity at the desired level.

The Dimming function keeps the temperature at the desired set-point with a much higher accuracy than conventional thermostats and virtually eliminates temperature swings in the terrarium.


The easy-to-read LCD screen shows heating mode, day or night mode and actual temperature and humidity.

Red LED will indicate when the heating device is powered and once the set temperature is reached, the Red LED will no longer show.

Blue LED will indicate when the humidifying device is powered and once the set humidity level is reached, the Blue LED will no longer show.

The thermostat is accurate, reliable and easy-to-use!

The Thermostat comes with a power cord with grounded plug & receptacle for increased safety and to allow the use of a power outlet strip.

The remote sensor can be safely used in highly moist terrariums.

Simply connect your Heat MatHeat Cable or Ceramic Heater and a Fogger or Humidifier to the Exo Terra Thermostat & Hygrostat.

Set the preferred temperature & humidity and place the heat and humidity sensor in the desired spot.

NOTE: In combination with a non-visible light emitting heat source (like Exo Terra’s Heat Mat, Heat Cable, Ceramic Heater, Infrared Basking Spot or Night Heat Lamp), the Exo Terra Thermostat & Hygrostat allows you to create a well-controlled 24-hour heating system that will not interrupt your animal’s normal activity cycle, while maintaining the required temperature and humidity conditions similar to those found in their natural environment.

NOTE: When using the Exo Terra Thermostat & Hygrostat in combination with a visible-light emitting bulb (like Exo Terra’s Intense Basking Spot, Daylight Basking Spot or Daytime Heat Lamp) to create a daytime basking area or for ambient daytime heating purposes, you need to set the night-time temperature at its lowest point (10°C or 50°F) in order to avoid the bulb to emit light at night disturbing your animal’s normal activity cycle.

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