Baby Fahaka Puffer

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Tetraodon lineatus is a large pufferfish that can exceed 1 foot in length; these are tiny babies, barely 1 inch long. Fahakas are known in particular for their intelligence, with some likening them to "aquatic dogs" that form a strong bond with their owner. Hard shelled foods such as snails are required regularly to wear their beaks down, but bloodworms, mysis shrimp, etc make good filler foods at this size. Like all puffers, fahakas are aggressive and are best kept alone. If you do try to house them with other fishes, make sure potential tankmates are quick and agile enough to try and evade the pufferfish. No tankmate is guaranteed to be safe, however; proceed at your own risk! Really though, with all of their size and intelligence, you don't need any tankmates to get plenty of enjoyment out of a tank with a Fahaka.

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