Ficus benjamina 'Toolittle'

Size: 2 1/2" Pot
Sale price$9.99


A unique Ficus with small curled leaves, tight internode spacing, and dense appearance.

Upright tree- very slow growing which lends itself to minimal trimming. As an interior plant, Toolittle holds up much better than it's parent (F. benjamina) with the proper acclimatization.

Excellent for the bonsai market or small specimen pots. The large but sparse root system can be exposed from under the soil to add to the dwarfed natural effect the plant has and create that "aged" bonsai look.

Will grow in full sun or partial shade. Will tolerate temps down to freezing but would prefer to be kept between 45 and 90 degrees. Any well draining soil mix will do. Water thoroughly and allow the soil to dry down somewhat before the next watering.


Smaller plants from tissue culture

*Pictures provided for reference only and do not reflect the size or appearance of plant you will receive

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