Size: 250 ml
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  • For use on stem cuttings
  • Specifically formulated for fast, healthy and vigorous root growth and development
  • Unrivalled results when used in conjunction with Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel.
  • SIZES: 250ml, 1 litre, 5 litre

What is it exactly?

CCS is a single pack hydroponic nutrient concentrate with added rooting hormone.

What is it used for then?

CCS is used on plant cuttings to produce healthy and vigorous plants by feeding them a complete and balanced mineral fertilizer that is more easily absorbed into the plant by a root mass that because of the rooting hormone develops faster and larger than it would normally.

How does it work?

CCS is a complete and balanced mineral profile acts as a fertilizer for plant cuttings while the rooting hormone ensures rapid root growth to quickly and efficiently establish the plant.

When should you use CCS.

CCS should be used from the first root initiation on the cutting until it is ready for planting on.

What dose rate should I use?

Start by diluting CCS at 5ml per litre of water. The strength should be increased to a maximum dilution rate of 10ml per litre as the cutting becomes more established.

How do I use CCS?

At its simplest CCS can be diluted in a watering can and the cuttings watered from that. It can also be used in flood and drain systems or with sprinklers and misters. Enough diluted CCS should be used so as to get a small amount of run through the cutting’s container.

Any precautions?

CCS isn’t dangerous, however good practice indicates care should be taken with all chemicals.

What should I expect if I use this product?

Cuttings should come on faster, be more vigorous and healthy than without this product. The rooting hormone makes root development happen more quickly and the mineral nutrients ensure health and vitality.

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