Heliamphora nutans Roraima Tepui

Size: Mature Plants
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Source: Random selection from very many clones out of microprop.

Climate: Highland 

Discovered in 1839, this is the first species of Heliamphora to be described. An ideal beginners’ species, it tolerates a wide range of temperatures compared to most other Heliamphora. All Heliamphora require high light levels and this species is no exception. Also, like all Heliamphora, it can be difficult to wean out of tissue culture.

The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive. The first photo is of a plant growing in the collection of Andy Smith (provided courtesy of Stewart McPherson) and the other photos are of plants taken from amongst the clones offered under this selection.

*These are very small tissue cultured plants needing a bit more care than most at this small size

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