Laguna Premium Koi & Goldfish Floating Food Sticks - Colour Enhancing Diet

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310g (11oz)

Laguna Premium Koi & Goldfish Floating Food Sticks provide a high quality staple diet for pond fish. The unique formulation, which includes superior ingredients such as wheat germ, kelp, spirulina, white fish meal, krill, multi-vitamins and stabilized vitamin C, promotes a number of excellent health benefits, including higher resistance to disease, better growth, brilliant colours and lustrous appearance.

The exclusive formula also contains special enzymes to help support good digestion. The highly palatable & digestible food creates less waste and results in cleaner, healthier pond water.

The floating food sticks are specially formulated to soften quickly while maintaining their shape, allowing fish of all sizes to feed. Even the smallest fish can bite off small portions.

Natural colour enhancing formula, rich in krill and shrimp. For all seasons, when water temperature is above 10� C (10� F).

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