Lined Leaf Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus lineatus)

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Uroplatus lineatus primarily inhabits the tropical and bamboo forests in eastern Madagascar. Their range is limited to the area between the regions of  Toamasina and Maroantsetra, but they are also found in Marojejy. The air humidity in their habitats in this area of the east coast is high all year long.
These unique leaf tails come from an area that hits around 85° F (30° C) during the day with a slight drop in temperature at night. There have been reports from some keepers of their U. lineatus preferring warmer daytime temperatures, having an average daytime temp around 78° F (26° C) is a good target. If you acquire a wild caught specimen, more than likely it will prefer 75-78° F (24-26° C) during the day with a few degree drop at night, 72-75° F (22-24° C). If you maintain a steady 77-78° F (25-26° C) during the day and 72-75° F(22-24° C) at night, no extra heat source is required, but you can provide a small spot lamp that provides a warm spot that can be used for basking.
Average humidity will fluctuate between 75-90% . Mist the terrarium about 30-45 minutes after dark so that the geckos can take full opportunity of drinking from the water droplets. Spray on the leaves and decor, but try to avoid the geckos themselves. Also, do not let the terrarium stay above 85% for more than two days or mold development can become an issue.

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