Mexican Butterwort

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Likely Pinguicula moranensis. Butterworts are carnivorous plants with sticky leaves that trap and digest small prey such as fruit flies and fungus gnats. These require a well-draining soil mix and distilled water. They should be kept slightly moist at all times, but not boggy like many other carnivorous plants. Distilled or rain water free of

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  • dissolved solids is essential to keeping these plants alive. If allowed to dry out more during the winter they can enter a succulent phase where they will develop thicker, water-retaining leaves. Will produce beautiful flowers in the right conditions.


    Note that Butterworts are very fragile and as such leaf loss is expected during transport and shipping. Dropped leaves can be placed on moist soil and may develop into new plants. Plant and pot size varies and may not be the same as pictured. 

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