NLS Betta Pellet Sm

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New Life Spectrum Naturox Semi-Floating Betta Pellets is a high quality daily food that offers unmatched color enhancement for bright, beautiful betas. Containing whole krill, herring, squid, spirulina, kelp, seaweed, garlic, ginger, and many more, these 0.5-0.75 mm pellets offer a boost to the immune system and help to prevent harmful parasites and illnesses from taking hold. Made with health in mind, the pellets are semi-floating to allow relaxed feeding and contain no soybean, filers or hormone additives for maximum nutrition. The ingredients in the food have been chosen to encourage natural betta feeding behaviour and eliminate malnutrtion-related issues that can lead to fin, head and lateral line erosion. Comes in a 25 gram container.

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