Normal Western Hognose Snake

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Two males available.

The Western hognose snake is a harmless, diurnal North American colubrid that has grown in popularity in collections around the globe. Its natural range extends from southern Canada through the central U.S., including Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, into northern Mexico.

A Western hognose does require a secure cage, even though it is not as adept at escape as other snakes. A plastic, 5-gallon terrarium with a secure lid is ideal for a hatchling. These are inexpensive and widely available at most pet stores that sell reptile supplies. An adult Western hognose can be kept in a 20-gallon aquarium set up. The Western hognose is a ground-dwelling species, so opt for an enclosure with a greater amount of floor space; height is not as important.

Female Western hognoses can grow to a maximum size just short of 3 feet, with a weight that normally does not exceed 800 grams. Males are somewhat smaller, averaging between 14 to 24 inches.

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