Oase BioStyle Compact Power Filters

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  • Compact, sleek power filter – Ideal for fresh or marine aquariums

  • Multi-stage filtration – Includes one complete cartridge that houses a 45 ppi foam for mechanical and biological filtration, a chemical mix to remove odors, impurities, and harmful nutrients, and finishes with a filter fleece for a water polishing effect 

  • Biological filter foam – Also includes one 30 ppi biological filter foam that traps debris and offers surface area for additional beneficial bacteria 

  • Customizable filtration – OASE offers additional chemical media cartridges that can be added to the BioStyle filter based on your aquarium needs. OASE also offers an empty cartridge for further optimization. all sold separately 

  • Adjustable leveler – Foot for securing filter to different aquarium glass thickness 

  • Telescopic intake – Transparent tube, extends from 6 in. to 14 in. for varying aquarium heights 

  • Easy maintenance – Cleaning indicator shows when it is time to change the mess-free, disposable multi-stage filter cartridge or clean the biological filter foam 

  • Adjustable flow control – Built-in to the filter to change the intensity of water movement and increase oxygenation, or input of oxygen at the surface 

  • Quiet operation – Energy efficient, UL certified filter 

  • Integrated heater (BioStyle Thermo models only) – Reduces the amount of equipment seen inside the aquarium by housing the heater in the unit. Set temperature of ~79 °F.

  • Quality design – Made in Italy, with German engineering from OASE and backed by a 3-year warranty 

  • What’s in the Box – Aquarium Filter, heater (BioStyle Thermo models only), multi-stage filter cartridges, biological filter foams with reusable frame, telescopic intake with inlet strainer, and 6 ft. power cable