Panther Crab

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Parathelphusa pantherina is a strikingly patterned aquatic crab from Sulawesi, Indonesia. They are one of the few fully aquatic, fully freshwater crabs, and certainly among the largest of such species. Adult panther crabs can reach up to ~2.5" wide in the carapace, with a legspan up to 5". These interesting creatures are fairly easy to keep, and will eat almost anything. A good mix of both plant and animal matter is the best diet for these omnivores. Like most crabs and crayfish, they can be somewhat aggressive; panther crabs may attack fish (or other panther crabs!) that get too close. For this reason, they are best kept alone or with fast, surface-oriented fish such as zebra danios. They may also uproot or eat live plants. And as with all crustaceans, a good lid is strongly recommended as these crabs are known escape artists. All in all, though, these wonderfully unique crabs make interesting aquarium subjects, even on their own!

Around 1" in the carapace.

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