Pearlscale Oranda Goldfish

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The domestic Goldfish is one of the most popular fish kept today, and also one of the very first to be kept indoors. Contrary to dated belief, goldfish cannot be kept in tiny, unfiltered bowls. They should get quite large (about the size of a sweet potato) and live for decades. These are intelligent fish that will come to recognize their owners; the idea that their memory span is only 3 minutes has been disproven by multiple scientific studies. An ideal environment for goldfish is a 30-40 gallon tank with at least 2-3 goldfish, and nice strong filtration.

Pearlscales are an extremely round breed of goldfish, nearly spherical in shape. They're named for their unique, 3-D domed scales, caused by a genetic mutation. As Oranda, they do develop a fleshy wen on the head, although much smaller than many other Oranda and mostly localized to the front of the face.

These are subadults, around 2" long without the tail.

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