Seachem Pristine

Size: 100ml
Sale price$8.99


 Seachem Pristine is a natural organic waste management solution that has been designed to quickly and safely eliminate sludge and detritus from both freshwater and saltwater environments. Using bio-augmentation, a chemical free and natural way to improve aquarium water quality, the formula is able to provide essential bacteria that efficiently break down excess food, waste and detritus in addition to reducing excess nutrients such as harmful ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites that tend to fuel the growth of problematic, disease-causing organisms. The species of bacteria found in Seachem Pristine is a unique blend that has been developed specifically for their improved hardiness and their ability to quickly adapt to a wide range of aquarium conditions such as harsh or low oxygen environments. These bacteria thrive in both fresh and salt water, making use of a wide variety of organic compounds such as the fats that cause unsightly films across the top of water, and other aquarium ornaments or plants. The biopolymers produced by the established bacterial colonies are effective at trapping particulates within the water column leading to a significant improvement in water clarity.

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