Gertrude's Blue-Eye Rainbow

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Please Note: The images shown are typical examples of mature adult fish and not necessarily the exact fish in our current stock. Actual fish coloration can vary due to lineage, location, age, and gender. If you would like photos of the fish currently available, you may request them. Please understand that we may not always be able to provide these promptly due to time constraints, and photographing some fish can be challenging. 

Photo Credit: Gunther Schmida

Pseudomugil gertrudae
is a very small and beautiful blue-eye from eastern Indonesia. Reaching no more than 1.5", they are perfect for aquarists that want to keep rainbowfish but don't have space for their larger relatives. Both sexes have a golden-yellow body, and males develop lovely powder blue fins studded with black dots. True to their name, they have crystal-blue eyes that are visible from across the room in mature individuals! While their tiny size prevents these rainbows from being housed with many larger fishes, they are peaceable and mix well with similar-sized fishes.

These are subadults around 1" long; they are starting to show colour.

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