Razorback Musk Turtle CBB

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The Razorback Musk Turtle is the biggest type of Musk Turtle. It is a species that is nearly entirely aquatic, but these turtles will come out of the water to bask occasionally. Also, because they even walk along the bottom of their tank, they are a delight to watch.

Razorback Musk Turtles feature a bulbous, large head and a long neck. They also have a noticeably sharp beak, along with short legs. And these turtles feature a sharp keel that runs down the center of their shell and for the whole length of their shell. It is this keel that gives this turtle breed its name.

Baby Razorback Musk Turtles will showcase a tan or cream color with brown spots on the shell and body. As these turtles grow, their shell starts to darken into a brown color, and there will be darker rings around your pet’s scutes as well. The body will turn into a gray color, and there will be spots on the legs and head.

Because the Razorback Musk Turtle spends a lot of time in the water, you will need to provide your pet with an enclosure that has enough water for your turtle to completely submerge, swim, and walk around on the bottom of the tank. However, baby turtles can do well in water that is quite shallow at just 4-6” deep.

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