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Rummynose Barb

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Sawbwa resplendens is a beautiful cyprinid from the Lake Inle basin in Myanmar. IT is marketed under a waide variety of common names, such as Asian Rummynose, Rummynose Rasbora, Sawbwa Barb, and many others. Referring to it as a rasbora is technically incorrect; while its exact position in the overall lineage of carps is unresolved, most authorities place it quite distant from danios and rasboras. Females are a see-through, greenish tone; the males are a stunning pearlescent blue, with a red-tipped tail and bright orange face. The sparring behaviour of territorial males is quite interesting to watch, and for best results more females than males should be kept. While territorial with each other, this species is peaceful with other fishes.

These are young adults around 1.25" long. Their colours have mostly differentiated, and while we never guarantee sexes, we are able to sex this batch with a fair degree of confidence.