Aquavitro - Shrimp Start - 350 ml

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Aquavitro Shrimp Start is a complete water conditioner ideal for freshwater shrimp aquariums. Shrimp Start targets and removes chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia from tap water. This conditioner also converts ammonia into a safe, non-toxic form that is easily eliminated in your aquarium's existing biofilter. Shrimp Start can be used during aquarium cycling to alleviate toxicity from ammonia/nitrate, allowing your biofilter to remove these pollutants from the water. This solution will also detoxify heavy metals found naturally in tap water. Use Shrimp Start when setting up a new aquarium and whenever you are adding or replacing water due to evaporation or water changes. Shrimp Start is non-acidic and does not impact pH. Comes in a 300 ml bottle.