Wild-Type Axolotl CBB

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Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) have become wildly popular pets in recent years. While they are not without their challenges, these adorable amphibians are well worth it! With their tiny eyes and goofy grin, these neotenic salamanders have captured the hearts of millions. Axolotls are carnivores, and eat meaty foods such as earthworms, frozen blood or tubifex worms, and specialty axolotl pellets. Tong feeding offers a great opportunity for keeper and animal to interact.

Requiring sub-70 degree F temperatures for long term health, you should carefully consider where you place their tank. All substrates save for very fine sand should also be avoided, as should rocks smaller than the axolotl's head. This is because Axolotls are known for swallowing objects in their tanks, leading to potentially fatal complications. A relatively bare tank set up with some caves and fake plants is generally the best option for axies. Strong filtration and good oxygenation are also recommended, as axies have sensitive gills.

These specimens are wild-type, around 4 inches long without the tail.

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