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Zebra Pleco (L46)

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The iconic Hypancistrus zebra is one of the most treasured species of pleco in the hobby. These definitely aren't your usual cleanup catfish! With striking bluish-white and black striping, these catfish are certainly eye-catching. Reaching only just over 3", they are also very small for a pleco. They are a largely carnivorous species that does best on a diet of frozen foods such as bloodworms and high-protein sinking pellets. While they mix surprisingly well into community aquaria, take care all tankmates are peaceful and gentle eaters, as these shy fish can easily be outcompeted for food. High temperatures (79-86 F) and a high degree of oxygenation are a must. Realistically, the best way to enjoy these enigmatic catfish is in a species tank of their own, where they will be more easily fed and much more outgoing.

These are captive-bred individuals around 1.5-1.75" long. They are too young to sex and likely will be unsexable until at least a year old, as this species is quite slow to mature.