Zilla - Terrarium Moss Substrate - Beaked Moss

Size: 10 qt (11L)
Sale price$19.99


The natural moisture retention properties of beaked moss keeps humidity levels in the terrarium uniformly high while forming a decorative green carpet landscape. Harvested from the lush coniferous rain forests of Oregon, Zilla® Beaked Moss is 100% natural, looks great and your pet will love having it underfoot!

All natural beaked moss holds moisture and maintains humidity
Provides a realistic setting for reptiles and amphibians by providing a lush green carpet landscape
Completely natural (no dyes or chemicals) and harvested from coniferous rain forests in Oregon
Pets will love having this bedding underneath them!
Ideal for chameleons, frogs, green anoles, toads, rain forest geckos, salamanders, newts

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