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Zoo Med Paludarium 3-in-1 Lamp - 26W

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The 26 watt Zoo Med Paludarium 3-in-1 Lamp is a top of the line lamp designed for use in a paludarium type enclosures. The lamp itself boasts three distinct bulbs, those being the 5000k Flora Sun to promote photosynthesis in terrestrial and aquatic plants, the 6500k Ultra Sun simulates natural sunlight and the UVB producing ReptiSun bulb for all reptilian and amphibious critters. UVB light is necessary for all reptiles and amphibians to ensure the proper absorption of vitamin D3 as well as the metabolism of calcium. UVA light helps to provide an increase in the activity levels and reproductive behaviours of your exotic inhabitants, allowing for behaviour that are authentic to natural ecosystems. The Zoo Med Paludarium 3-in-1 Lamp will offer beneficial UVB for a period of 12 months when used for 10-12 hours a day.