Zoo Med ReptiTherm® Habitat Heater

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* Industrial-strength habitat heater for large, heavy reptiles
* Uses only 40 watts to provide heat to reptiles in large habitats
* Ideal reptile heater for tortoises, monitors, Tegus, and other large lizards

Zoo MedCreate a warm temperature zone in large reptile habitats while keeping energy costs down. Amazing, heavy-duty ReptiTherm® Habitat Heater from Zoo Med runs on only 40 watts! Insulated unit minimizes heat loss and features a thermostat for automatic heater shut off at 119º Fahrenheit - prevents overheating and inefficient energy use. LED indicator light ensures easy visual confirmation when the unit is active. High-density, easy-clean polyethylene plastic construction resists moisture and water. Built-in mounting rails allow secure horizontal or vertical placement on floor or side wall of your reptile habitat. Rugged heater provides essential heat to large, heavy reptiles such as tortoises or for use in large, zoo-style enclosures housing monitors, Tegus, iguanas and other large lizards. Metal-reinforced 9-foot power cord prevents animal damage. 40 watt, 120 volt heater measures 18" x 18" x 1".

Note: The ReptiTherm Habitat Heater should not occupy more than 50% of the total floor space in your reptile house to provide warm and cool zones necessary for thermoregulation.

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