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Zoo Med T5 HO Ocean Sun 10,000K High Intensity

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10,000K High-Intensity T5 HO lamp with strong emissions in the blue spectrum-simulating deeper ocean environments.

  • T5 lights provide more light output than T8s!
  • Ideal for all marine aquariums, reef aquariums, and fresh water aquariums where a deep water effect is desired.
  • Higher lumen output compared to ordinary T8 or T12 lamps.
  • Distributes the light evenly across the water surface.
  • Generates less heat as compared to metal halide lamps.
  • High quality lamp manufactured in Germany.
  • All T5 HO lamps must be installed in hoods manufactured for T5 HO lamps. (This lamp will not work in a regular T8 or T12 type fixture).